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Innovation and Professionalism

We are an innovative company dedicated to the production of stainless steel and nickel-based alloys parts, using sand moulding with self-setting resins and melting in electric induction furnaces.

Our main goal is to meet the demands of various industries, in the field of cast stainless steels. The castings in our modern facilities are mainly valves and fluid pump components. These parts are intended for industries such as:

Shipbuilding • Chemical • Petrochemical • Oil and Gas • Pulp and Paper • Food • Glass • Power Generation • Others....

The units produced weigh anywhere from a few hundred grams to over 2,000 kg.

Thanks to the excellent quality of our products, our business has grown continuously in a highly competitive market. Our exports have also grown, reaching 94% of our production since 1997. We sell to clients in various countries, including:

United States, Canada, Norway,
Switzerland and EU-member states.

We work for quality

Aianox, S.A. keeps ISO 9001 Certification since 1992, and holds ISO 14001 Certification since 2015, both accredited by Lloyd's Register  LRQA.


Aianox, S.A. is approved by several Classification societies and is qualified according to Norsok requirements:

With the best team



Our extensive experience and know-how acquired over the years are the result of the perfect combination of our seasoned professionals’ tradition, experience and expertise and the young talent continuously contributing innovative ideas.

We have also invested in improving equipment and facilities as well as expanding workshops and warehouses, to the point of doubling our area in recent years.

At Aianox we are preparing to consolidate our position in the market and are committed to a successful future, reaching new

Committed to the environment


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